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New Construction

New Construction


Tucson Contracting endeavors to provide every customer an exceptional experience throughout a project’s life cycle by offering frequent communication and financial transparency. We strive to deliver thorough estimates on materials and labor well in advance of construction to provide the early notification needed to plan for every possible contingency.

We strive to do everything within our power to make each client a customer for life.

Construction Blueprint

Tucson Contracting remains diligent through every stage of a project to protect your investment and deliver the highest quality results possible.

Some of what we do:

  • Evaluate site logistics
  • Consider value engineering options
  • Identify potential long-lead items
  • Assess potential hazards
  • Establish rapport with building managers and building engineers
  • Mobilize the job site
  • Review the schedule and update the client daily
  • Conduct weekly construction meetings
  • Maintain job site safety
  • Provide daily notes
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